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Pat and her team are all-stars. Our medical practice is cleaned to perfection three days a week! We are very happy with Sunshine!”
– Mitchell Drinkard


We bought a house in Columbia and although the house seemed spotless, we hired Sunshine Cleaning to do a “deep clean” including carpet cleaning. They did a SUPERB job. They cleaned the fan housing up to the ceiling, all the doors and window sills and of course all the shelves in the closets. They used a product on the kitchen cabinets that gave them a soft glow, but no stickiness. Most of the products I saw them use were “earth friendly”. The house smelled wonderful – fresh and clean. The crew was friendly and efficient and worked HARD. I’ve decided to have Patricia and her crew in once a month!”
– Elaine Mayes


Sunshine Cleaning is the third housekeeping service I have used in Columbia. I hope it is the last! The owner, Pat Jackson makes sure her crew does a thorough job. Her staff is reliable and very friendly. If for some reason there is a change in the crew, Pat calls me to let me know in advance. I am completely satisfied with Sunshine Cleaning!”
– Dena Petrie


Pat, you are two for two. My son, whose apartment you cleaned two years ago, got their deposit back. Now, my other son Dan got all his money back, too. You are amazing. His landlord was speechless. I can’t think you enough.”
– Maureen


Sunshine Cleaning is by far the best house cleaning company that I’ve had. After hiring a few other companies for the job, I had settled myself with the idea that as long as I was hiring to clean, the house would never really be thoroughly cleaned until I did it myself. Sunshine Cleaning has made me eat those words. The house really gets cleaned well, from top to bottom. They even get to the hard to reach places that I don’t always get to when cleaning myself. Even my husband noticed right away how much cleaner everything was! The owner, Pat, is so easy to work with. She has bent over backwards to work around my schedule and make cleaning times super convenient for me. Also, the same ladies come every week. There are no groups of unknown people in my house, or different college kids in and out all the time. Pat calls to check up on how everything is going and comes in herself now and then to check up on things. I would highly recommend Sunshine Cleaning to anyone looking for house cleaning services.”
– Kate Jagger


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