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If You Need It, We Provide It

We can provide you with a list of services, but honestly, if you need it cleaned, we’ll clean it. We are committed to high expectations. When we’re in your home, or commercial space, we clean it like we would clean our own, and we like our own homes spick-and-span.

(Disclaimer: However, we may not move your 200lb. entertainment system. We have to draw the line somewhere. (Or maybe we will, just inquire!))

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We pull on our gloves and provide cleaning services in Columbia, MO.

The Dirty Jobs Somebody Has To Do

Sunshine Cleaning often receives referrals from other cleaning services in Columbia, MO for jobs that are just too filthy. If you have a grimy cleaning situation, we’re on it! Have a nasty mess no one else wants to clean? That’s what we do best!

High and Low Cleaning Services in Columbia, MO

At Sunshine Cleaning, we’re over the top with our cleaning. If it’s dirty, we’re going to do our best to clean it. We clean high and low, above our heads and along our feet. We clean all the nooks and crannies, nothing gets missed.

If I can reach it with a pole and a 6″ ladder, I’m going to clean it!”
– Patricia Jackson, Founder and Owner

Maid Service and Cleaning Services in One

While we call ourselves as a “cleaning service,” we also provide maid cleaning services in Columbia, MO! We have several clients for whom we wash sheets, change beds and tidy up their homes, on top of cleaning. Please contact Sunshine Cleaning if you are interested in these additional services, we are happy to provide you with whatever you need.